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Once you are married, one or both of you may wish to change your surname. If so, to make this process a little easier for you I have provided information about what is required by some organisations in order to change your name. There are also many resources available online to help you with changing your name, including some name-change kits you can purchase.

Please note you don't actually need to change your name on any documentation if you don't want to. Many newly married people use their married name in social circles but keep their birth name on official documentation or for professional purposes. Also be aware that this is not a formal name change process through Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM); you will not be issued with a new birth certificate as you would if you were formally changing one of your names given at birth for a reason other than marriage. When you change your name by marriage, basically you tell every organisation that has your name recorded that you want them to call you by a different name, and you produce your BDM issued Official Marriage Certificate as proof you are allowed to use that different name.

It's also worth remembering that both or either party can change their name after marriage. There are several options available to both parties. The Australian Passport Office says: 

"The parties may choose one of the following family name options on a passport due to marriage:

  • Retain your existing family name

  • Adopt your spouse's family name

  • Adopt a combination of your family name and your spouse's family name with or without hyphens.

For example if Lisa Smith marries Alex Jones her name after marriage could be:

  • Lisa Smith

  • Lisa Jones

  • Lisa Smith Jones

  • Lisa Jones Smith

  • Lisa Smith-Jones

  • Lisa Jones-Smith."

Except for weekend ceremonies, my business hours are 9.30am – 2.00pm Monday – Friday.

My home office is in East Victoria Park, a vibrant and diverse urban community near the centre of Perth, Western Australia.

I respect my couples and families by mindfully focussing on the people I am with at the time – which means my phone is often away and on silent. So, unless it’s urgent, please email me or fill in a Booking Enquiry Form.

If you'd like to check we are the right fit to work together on co-creating your ceremony, I offer an obligation-free video or phone meeting to chat before you book me. You can book this chat online here.


If you'd rather meet up IRL at a café in the East Victoria Park area, please email me to arrange.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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