Legals Only Marriage

If you want to get married with no fuss, this option covers the bare minimum required for legal marriage:

  • you'll use my Legals Only Planner ebook, which has everything you need to know about getting legally wed in Australia

  • we'll meet at least one month before the ceremony to sign your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

  • on the day, you’ll meet up with me and your two witnesses

  • we’ll speak the 124 legally-required words for marriage, and sign the legal paperwork

  • you’ll leave with your Marriage Certificate

  • BOOM! You’re officially wed!

  • after the ceremony, I’ll register your documents with Births, Deaths and Marriages


This could be for you if:

  • your marriage is a private moment for you as a couple

  • you need an easy option to get married quickly

  • a weekday wedding sounds awesome

  • or you’re planning a larger celebration overseas but want a legal Australian marriage

COST:  $500*


*Legals Only Marriage is only available Monday – Friday between 10am and 2pm at a cafe in East Victoria Park, or make it at your place within Perth metro for an additional $50.

Sound good? Get in touch!