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About You


You are driven by love – love for your person, and love for our planet.

You want a ceremony that is authentically you, not a cookie-cutter rah-rah affair that is about what other people expect.

You love connecting with your clan - people who share your values.

You want your celebration to reflect the way you live your life, treading lightly on our planet – and maybe even leaving it a little better.

You want to be guided and supported through the process by an empathetic, super-organised person who makes the whole process simple, easy and FUN!

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About Me

I’m passionate about treading lightly on the Earth and caring for our planet. This flows through all areas of my life, from the sustainable clothes I wear to never wasting food. I aim to live waste-free and wrote a lot about this on my blog, One Family, One Planet, which you can check out here.

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I love animals! If you would like your pet to be part of your ceremony, I’m your gal!

I married my favourite person, Dan, on the side of cliff in the Blue Mountains of NSW in 2002.  Together we’re raising one awesome human, a brilliant three-legged rescue dog, a fabulous flock of chickens, and a wild and messy garden (that is either flourishing in winter rains or struggling through the summer heat).

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I’m super-organised and reliable – traits I used to think were boring, but now realise are actually really important for a calm life. 


I’m a professional actor who has been performing and speaking in front of people for over 30 years, and a wordsmith who loves language and understands the power of story.

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Sally Bruce Celebrant_Acting on stage as
Sally Bruce Celebrant_Professional Actin

Acting in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s

As a Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrant with the Attorney- General’s Department, I will organise all the necessary legals and paperwork, and legally marry you - anywhere in Australia.

Circle of Life Family Celebrant

I would love to be the celebrant families call on again and again throughout the circle of life.  As well as marriages, I can create other ceremonies by request. From a namegiving for a baby or a person embracing a new identity, and acknowledging the end of a life with a funeral ceremony.


All ceremonies will be co-created with my couples and families with empathy, care and love.

“With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art”


About my business


I want to do more than just be an awesome celebrant. I want to lead by example, practice what I preach, give back, and support businesses and organisations which align with my values.


From the refillable pen handmade from reclaimed timber that we’ll use to sign your paperwork, to driving my carbon-offset hybrid vehicle to your ceremony, to my cruelty-free lipstick, know that I have researched and made considered, conscious choices about every aspect of this business, just as I do in my life.

This business has the permaculture values of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share at its core.

Earth care: I care about environmental sustainability in day-to-day business operations and also help couples and families plan eco-conscious ceremonies and events.

People care: Love comes in many forms and I respect and honour this in all my communications. Products are sourced with ethical and social responsibility in mind.

Fair share: I maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Prioritising self-care means I can be a better celebrant and the business can give more back.

Sally Bruce Celebrant eco initiatives
Sally Bruce Celebrant Perth eco confetti

Sustainability and low-waste initiatives


For how this business is treading lightly on the earth, see Good to Know.​

Less stuff, more meaning


I am proud to be one of WA's first ambassadors for eco-ethical weddings with Less Stuff More Meaning and to be stockist of their Mindfully Wed e-guide.

Less Stuff More Meaning Ambassador Badge

Code of Practice

As a Commonwealth Registered Celebrant, I am bound by the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants

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