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6 reasons to choose a backyard wedding or elopement

A backyard wedding with Sally Bruce Celebrant. Guests sit on wooden pews watching a bride in a mauve frock and a groom in an olive green shirt and black pants stand under a tree with the celebrant in a floral dress.

1. Your backyard wedding setup will be yours to enjoy for longer than the wedding day

Many of my couples tell me they were so happy with their decision to invest the money they would have spent on hiring a venue on improving their own place. Whether it's landscaping the garden, putting in some new plants, investing in outdoor furniture, a paint job or finally cleaning out the shed, you'll be the ones to benefit from any effort and expense for years to come.

2. Backyard weddings can usually be moved to indoor weddings easily

You'll need a Plan B for any outdoor ceremony in case of bad weather. If your backyard doesn't have an undercover area eg a patio or verandah, we can usually find a way to fit everyone inside the house.

3. Backyard wedding or elopement = zero travel time

Would you rather spend your wedding day sitting in traffic getting to a venue or hanging out enjoying the day? Most backyard weddings and elopements combine both the ceremony and the reception/party - meaning any guests won't have to travel from the ceremony to the reception either.

In a Perth Hills backyard wedding, Sally Bruce Celebrant is standing in between a bride in a long white sleeveless dress and a long veil down her back and the groom in a brown suit. They are flanked by two bridesmaids in red and pink dresses who with the bride are holding bouquets of sunflowers, and two groomsmen in white shirts. Guests on mismatched vintage chairs watch from either side of an aisle with two vintage runner rugs. A massive gumtree is behind the couple shading the ceremony.

4. Feel at home in your own backyard

It might be easier to feel relaxed on your wedding day if you feel totally at home in the space - which you will, because you are!

5. Your kids feel at home

Because they are! At a backyard ceremony, children can easily be put to bed or let to play in another room - something that's not so easy at a traditional wedding venue.

6. Your pets can be part of your backyard wedding

Having a backyard wedding or elopement lets you have your pets with or near you as you get married. Most pets will be comfortable in the space because it's their home, and so can easily be included in the ceremony and/or included in wedding photos.

A group photo of the couple, their dog and guests after their backyard wedding ceremony with Sally Bruce Celebrant

Two large dogs are smiling as they watch their people get married in their own backyard

All photos on this post by Kat at Red Eclectic.

Think a Perth backyard wedding or elopement could be for you?

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