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7 reasons to love Airbnb elopements

If you're deciding where to elope, you're probably thinking about the beach, a park, or your home. But if you haven't yet considered an Airbnb elopement, here are seven reasons why you might want to!

1. Buying Privacy

An elopement ceremony under a large gum tree. Standing on the lawn are three men and two toddlers in dark pants and white shirts with dark braces, a bride in a long white dress with short puffed sleeves, and Sally Bruce Celebrant in a multi-coloured dress
An Airbnb elopement means you only have the people you want with you while you get married... and no one else

If you book out a whole Airbnb, you can control who is there for your ceremony. The only people who will be there are the ones you have invited. What does this mean? No random sweaty joggers or nosy bystanders in the background of your photos, or tipsy picnickers yelling out "don't do it!" just as you say "I do"!

2. Indoor and outdoor options in the same place

5 guests on chairs watch as a bride in a white dress with a colourful flower crown over her long red curly hair and a groom in glasses in a brown suit are married by Sally Bruce Celebrant in a long green and brown dress in front of large glass windows in an Airbnb showing the view of the bush and river outside.
We were part of the beautiful bush setting without being in the rain thanks to these epic windows at C + S's Margaret River Airbnb elopement

I'm talking about a Plan B here, folks. If you have your heart set on an outdoor elopement but the weather gods have other plans, you'll need a Plan B that keeps everyone safe but that doesn't feel like a consolation prize. Solution - pick an Airbnb with amazing spaces both in and out. Bonus points for large windows and protected verandahs that let you feel the outdoors without getting struck by lightning!

3. Amazing settings

On a large boulder in a big garden, two women in navy pants hold hands and laugh as Sally Bruce Celebrant in an orange leather jacket marries them at an Airbnb elopement. A large long-haired dog is between the couple and the celebrant.
Many Airbnbs have amazing spaces, like the garden of this one L + S chose for their Perth Hills elopement

No matter what aesthetic you prefer, whether you love the city, the beach, or the bush, if you're wild or manicured garden people, there will be an Airbnb that suits you. Look carefully through all the photos in the listing to get a feel for what ceremony spaces are on offer, and for possible locations for amazing couple portraits before or after the ceremony.

And remember point 2 above - you'll want indoor options as well as outdoor!

3. Combine your wedding and honeymoon

In front of a fireplace loaded with lit white candles, a groom in a light grey suit puts a ring on a bride in a long silky orange dress while Sally Bruce Celebrant smiles.
Elope in Perth while on holiday, or have a staycation in your fave part of town and get married there!

Eloping used to mean 'running away to get married'. There's still a lot to love about getting married while you're on holidays, whether you've come to Perth from somewhere else, or you live in Perth but choose an Airbnb in a different part of town for your elopement. You can always revisit the same Airbnb to celebrate your anniversary!

4. Feel at home while still feeling special

Three men, three women and two toddlers laugh on a verandah as a bottle of champagne is opened and confetti is thrown after an airbnb elopement
Airbnb elopements give you all the comforts of home, and a bit more

Need space for the kids? Want to hang out in a big house with your besties? Love prepping your own food? An Airbnb elopement lets you have all the comforts of home, plus if you choose an epic location and something a bit luxe, you'll feel special the whole time you're there.

A table on a verandah overlooking a large gum tree is set for 8 with pink glassware, gold cutlery and gold-rimmed plates with a green velvet table runner and a vase of colourful flowers
The table is ready for a post-elopement celebration family feast prepared by C+S's patriarch in the chef's kitchen of the Airbnb

5. Get ready together, or separately

Woman with red hair and a flower crown in a white wedding dress laces up black ankle boots
So they could have a 'first look', at their Airbnb elopement C and S each had their own room to get ready in

There's no need to get separate accommodation if you want to surprise each other with a 'first look'. Just book a space with different areas for you to get ready separately. (Of course, if getting ready together's more your vibe, just do it!)

6. Downtime before the big day

Bride in a white lacy long dress, groom in a suit, Sally Bruce Celebrant laughing at a wedding in the bush
Make your special day even more enjoyable by coming into it totally relaxed

My guess is you're thinking about eloping because you want to get married with minimum fuss, fluff and fanfare - and zero stress. You're probably a couple who are pretty chilled anyway, so why not get totally zen and stay at the place you'll get married in a for a day or two before the elopement? As well as sussing out possible spaces to have your ceremony, you'll be able to get really comfortable in the space, and wake up on the day you're tying the knot feeling totally chilled out.

7. And finally... no travel time

Red haired groom and blonde bride in golden afternoon sunlight next to a large tree
Would you rather spend the day you tie the knot sitting in traffic or doing this?

Sure, you could get ready somewhere, go somewhere else for a ceremony, and somewhere else for photos, and somewhere else to celebrate, and somewhere else again to crash that night. Or... you could do all of this in the one place!

Think a Perth Airbnb elopement might be for you? I could be the celebrant you're looking for - more info at my Elopement page!

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