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How to elope in Perth - when you don’t live in Perth

If you'd love to tie the knot in Perth, but don't live here right now, that's cool - we can arrange everything online.

A couple walking the streets of Perth after their elopement. They are holding hands. Image captured from behind from the waist down. On the left are legs in light grey checked pants and a black and white converse sneaker, on the left pale pink pants.
This regional WA couple chose the heart of Northbridge for their Perth elopement. Photo by Red Eclectic.

I marry a lot of couples in Perth who don't live in Perth.

Some come on holidays and elope while they're here (then go on epic adventures exploring our amazing state).

Some used to call Perth home and want to seal the deal where their roots are.

Some are moving here and use their elopement to mark the start of their Perth life.

Some have special people in Perth they want to have by their side as they marry.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy for us to plan your Perth elopement from somewhere else.

As well as local Perth couples, I’ve married couples from

Esperance, WA

Albany, WA

Port Hedland, WA

Sydney, NSW

Wagga Wagga, NSW



10 easy steps to plan your Perth elopement

  1. Check out The Elopement Package info to check it's your jam.

  2. Pick a date, or a date range when you'll be in Perth (don’t have a fixed date yet? You can still get in touch and we’ll work together to find a time that works for everybody).

  3. Fill in a Booking Enquiry Form

  4. After I’ve checked I’m available on your date, I’ll be in touch ASAP with more information about the next steps. I can help you choose a venue and hook you up with any other vendors you might want to include (eg photographer, musicians etc).

  5. Over email and video chats, we’ll get your legal paperwork sorted.

  6. I’ll send you my Ceremony Planner ebook so you can sit together at a time that suits you and decide what you would like to include in your ceremony.

  7. We’ll plan out your Ceremony in another video chat.

  8. On the day, we’ll meet up at your location and I’ll get you hitched!

  9. After the ceremony, I’ll finalise your paperwork and get it to Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  10. Once your marriage is officially registered, I’ll send you info on how to order your official Marriage Certificate - which can be posted to you anywhere in the world!

Two barefoot brides standing close on cream pavers after their Perth elopement. Image taken from the waist down - they are both wearing white lacy long dresses.
This NSW couple chose a beachside AirBnB for their Perth elopement. Photo by Red Eclectic.

How much time do we need to plan our Perth elopement?

I reckon about three months is the ideal time frame - it gives us heaps of time to get everything sorted without feeling rushed or dragging the process out. You’re eloping after all, so you don’t want to overcomplicate things!

If you have all your information ready to go, and are able to get back to me quickly, we can do it in about six weeks. Because of a legal deadline for some marriage paperwork, this timeline will include an extra fee to fast-track the process.

But if you’re planning a big holiday and want to get everything locked in, feel free to contact me whenever you’re ready!

We live overseas but want to elope in Perth

Great! I’d love to help you get married in Perth!

See this blog post - Who can get married in Australia?

Everything already stated still applies - I just recommend getting in touch with as much time as possible so we can get your legal paperwork sorted.

Once I’ve prepared your Notice of Intended Marriage document, you’ll need to go to your nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate, or find a Notary Public for signing and witnessing. Then you’ll scan or photograph the signed NOIM and email it to me.

Easy peasy!

Sound good? Get in touch now by filling in a Booking Enquiry Form


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