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A Margaret River winter elopement

After their south-west Western Australia winter elopement with Sally Bruce Celebrant and Red Eclectic, a groom in a brown jacket, white shirt and brown bow tie who has a moustache and glasses is laughing with a bride, also laughing, who has long curly red hair and a floral crown. He is holding a bouquet of gum leaves, yellow roses and red native Australian flowers and they are standing outside under a tree with some bare branches and some yellow leaves.
Those just-married faces!

I'm excited to share with you this epic elopement, just right for this couple who wanted to get married in a beautiful ceremony that reflected who they are as a couple, while on a weekend away, surrounded by their immediate family. Photographer Kat from Red Eclectic - whose gorgeous pics are featured here - and I were delighted to help them plan and have their dream winter elopement!

C & S wanted a family-focussed weekend away from the hubbub of their normal lives in Perth. They booked a beautiful big house in bushland with river views in Wilyabrup, approx. 3 hours south of Perth, on Wadandi Boodja in the Margaret River region.

Margaret River is a popular holiday destination for a reason; an easy drive but a world away from Perth, it's a beautiful part of the state and features some of Australia's best beaches and wineries. There are also loads of accommodation options, many with cosy interiors and log fires, making Margaret River a perfect choice for a winter elopement out of Perth.


Their closest family were delighted to join them for this special occasion.

A family in a lounge room smiling as they watch an elopement ceremony with Sally Bruce Perth Celebrant
They were joined for the weekend by their parents, C’s grandmother, and S’s kids.

When Kat and I arrived, C & S were getting ready in different rooms.. If not seeing your partner until the start of the ceremony is important to you, just get ready separately!

A bride who has long curly red hair and a floral crown with green gum leaves and yellow roses is tying the laces on her black doc marten ankle boots. Her white dress has chiffon sleeves with lace near the elbow and a layered tulle skirt. She is preparing for her family-focussed winter elopement in Western Australia with Sally Bruce Celebrant.
C lacing her boots just before the elopement ceremony

A last-minute family illness meant a guest who was going to be reading a special poem during the ceremony wouldn't be there; after discussion with the other guests and the couple it was decided that I would have that honour instead.

We scouted outside locations for the ceremony, but a heavy downpour just as we were about to start changed our plans.

Luckily the massive windows in the house and a lounge room big enough to fit everyone meant we could still feel part of the bush during the ceremony, but stay warm and dry! This is why it’s always important to have a Plan B you are totally happy with - especially for your winter elopement..

A bride in a long white dress with a gauzy full skirt with long red hair is walking down a hallway with polished wood floors carrying a bouquet of bright yellow and orange flowers that match her flower crown. Her mum is standing next to her wearing a green long-sleeved dress and she is holding the bride's gauzy skirt as she walks. They are both smiling. It is an elopement in Western Australia with Sally Bruce Celebrant and photographer Red Eclectic
C walked with her mum down the improvised ‘aisle’ - a hallway to where we were all waiting for her.

Large picture windows looking out into the Australian bush. Sally Bruce Perth Celebrant is smiling. The groom, wearing a brown suit, has his back turned so he can turn and see his bride once she arrives near him

S kept his back turned until the last minute to take in his partner’s gorgeousness all at once.

Sally Bruce Perth Celebrant conducting an intimate Margaret River elopement ceremony. She is wearing a long-sleeved, ankle length dress with a green and brown pattern and her long light brown hair sits on her shoulders. She is holding a bright blue binder.  Next to her is the groom in a brown suit, white shirt and brown bow tie who has a moustache and glasses and next to him is the bride, who has long curly red hair and a floral crown with green gum leaves and yellow roses and a bouquet of matching flowers, is wearing a white dress with chiffon sleeves with lace near the elbow and a layered tulle skirt.
Handholding during my ceremonies is always encouraged!

Just after the couple said "I do!", a flock of kookaburras flew overhead and cackled their approval of the marriage, bringing more of the bush into the ceremony space. These perfect unscripted moments in a ceremony are just the best :)

A couple plays a game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ during their Margaret River winter elopement ceremony with Sally Bruce Celebrant smiling as she watches. The groom in a brown suit, white shirt and brown bow tie who has a moustache and glasses has his hand out flat making the ‘paper’ signal and his bride, who has long curly red hair and a bright floral crown has her hand in a fist for the ‘rock’ signal.
Rock, Paper, Scissors to choose who says their vows first


They couldn't decide who would say their vows first, so an impromptu game of Scissors, Paper, Rock answered the question!

A bride who has long curly red hair and a floral crown with green gum leaves and yellow roses is taking a break from speaking her marriage vows while she processes the feelings that are coming up during her elopement ceremony with Sally Bruce Perth Elopement Celebrant. She is looking at her groom who is wearing a brown jacket.
My ceremonies always hold space for feelings to be felt

Emotions were high during the vows. C and S took all the time they needed to feel ready.

A groom in a brown suit is holding his bride in a long white gauzy dress during their Margaret River elopement with Sally Bruce Perth Elopement Celebrant
Taking a moment together mid-ceremony to connect

Rings were exchanged, papers were signed, and the marriage was official!


The newlyweds then went outside – the weather perfect now – and had photos with Kat.

A fast running river in the West Australian bush with a rock jutting out into the water, a newly married couple are holding each other and smiling at each other after the elopement wedding ceremony with Sally Bruce Perth Elopement specialist celebrant
One of the epic images captured during the couple's post-ceremony portrait session with Kat from Red Eclectic


Meanwhile S’s Dad was cooking up a celebration feast for the two families to enjoy.

A man with grey hair in a black t-shirt is holding a plate and checking platters of food laid out on a shiny wooden table - oysters, prawns and crackers. These are snacks to be enjoyed after an elopement ceremony

And this was just post-ceremony snacks... more delicious food was being prepared for the celebration dinner - a family feast around a beautifully-set table on the verandah, planned for later that night!


C + S said:

“We really cherished the day and we both just wanted to say thank you for creating such a beautiful, safe space for our ceremony.
As nervous as we were, we felt safe with your guidance and presence.
We really felt seen and heard and there was a moment where you advocated for "throwing away tradition" when someone brought it up; something I wouldn't have been able to do, being as overwhelmed as I was. That meant a lot to us, thank you!”
"Sally was able to create a ceremony that was truly authentic and welcoming. We loved her ability to include everyone in the ceremony in a genuinely meaningful way and made the experience so joyful, carefree and uniquely special.
Our little family has grown so much closer thanks to her empathy and intrinsic ability to create a safe space for all present.
She was our ally and advocate when we needed it most; something we are truly grateful for as neurodivergent people.
We couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you Sally, you did an amazing job and we will forever cherish the memories you have helped us create!"

Would you love to elope during a getaway from Perth in the Margaret River region in winter - or anytime? Check out The Elopement Package


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